Packaging is now generally regarded as an essential component of our modern style and the way business is organized.  Aiming to preserve and store produced gas fittings, for all the customers, use the appropriate packaging, all the fittings will cover with anticorrosive and packed by bag, box or pack in strong wooden box (minimum weight from 900 till 1500 KG).  Big sizes, shrink pack on a pallet by strapping, to make delivery easier and safer.
The purpose of the sales function of a package is to enable or promote the sales process and to make it more efficient.
A unique feature of our packages can be noted on: a) excellent graphic design, b) observing proper weight of each box, c) balanced pallets by the number of fittings.
      - Iran Market
Consumer Packing: This packaging holds the required volume of the product for ultimate consumption and is more relevant in marketing. Such as: box, bag, and etc.
      - Export
Transport packing: The product entering in to the trade need to be packed well enough to protect against loss damage during handling. Such as: shrink pack, wooden case, box, bag and etc.