Taban Foolad as one of the largest and also most reputable manufacturer of Butt Welding Fittings and one of the best known companies in the word, established since 1989, in Zanjan –Iran.
    Taban Foolad Co., for more than 20 years of experience in producing and exporting fittings, annually about 1000 tones, needed for oil and gas projects and industrial projects in all over the world, we have the most extensive distribution network in Iran & Turkey, and also the most of our export of fittings is for Turkey, UAE, Europe and also other countries.
    This company have qualified and experienced staff with the extensive relationships with to produce and deliver the goods with the best quality and the shortest possible time and ready to meet and consult with engineers in selecting the material.
   The company succeeded in its work in producing of fittings considering the importance of observing the quality of fittings, and also increasing the safety factors, with the goal of the producing the high quality of fittings for many industrial projects in this category.

* Taban Foolad's Policy:

    Considering develop and entry into global competition, the use of modern management and customer relationship, and so many other systems, such as distribution networks and techniques, is on the agenda in such a way to provide superior products and services increase.
     Taban Foolad in the pursuit of comfort, safety, and convenience of the customers, based on modern design and technology, sells products.
     Besides boosting the quantity of its products supply, Taban Foolad has made precise planning and cooperated with research institutes and research centers in order to boost the quality of fittibngs needed in development projects.
     Taban Foolad always looking for something beyond the demands of its customers.
Improving quality of products based on international standards
Diversity in fittings supply
Increasing the knowledge of fittings consumers
Quick selling and delivery of fittings
Enhance the level of customer satisfaction

* Features of Taban Foolad Co:

Using of modern technology and machines in all the product line
Distribution network all over the word
The use of high quality raw materials with the highest international standards
Extensive products warranty, coding & tracking system.
Fast delivery of products
Supply Chain Management SCM (in order to create value for the customer)
Ability of design base on standards and special orders required by the customer
Maximum lifetime performance
Increase the safety factor